Music Producer Software – Sonic Producer Review

It’s true that guys need male mentors who can shepherd them into the advancing stages of life. But I’ve lately come to realize how some of the most important mentoring relationships I have had have been with women.

As a kid it was so important for me to present myself as being cool. I didn’t want to ask questions, or admit that I didn’t know something. I couldn’t be humble and ask for help or advice. Out of my own narcissistic insecurity, I had to appear the know-it-all. I didn’t know enough to appreciate what was being given to me, and to express that gratitude. It wasn’t easy working at that level in my early 20’s, and I had other dreams, and I tossed it all away. Maybe that was the right thing to do, but I never said thank you the way I should have.

What Kind of Sound – Is your client looking for a specific sound in their recordings? Did you foolishly say you could offer it because you were going to research how and then you forgot? Well, make sure that you’re able to accommodate the sound your client is looking for. Doing a little research on how to capture a particular sound is pre-production. Who knows, maybe the research will even spark some ideas to pitch to the artist.

When you try to troubleshoot all of these different things that go into proper Song Writing it can turn into a very expensive – not to mention frustrating – thing to find all of the equipment and tools that you will need in order to sound like a pro.

Posting your music to YouTube and creating an audience then monetizing your videos. If you get a decent amount of views you can get pretty good money coming in from this alone.

They do not have to be perfect, but people do like to see what the artist/producer looks like. Don’t hind behind a logo and if your not ready to yet, just make sure you do when you are! ESSENTIAL!!

Mix with the end in mind. It’s so much easier to stay on track during mixing if you’ve put some thought into where you’re going. Think about what you want to accomplish from the song you’re mixing, and plan that perfect mix.

If your dream is to have your music take you somewhere, then you need a sound that is new, fresh and cutting edge. Make your beats your own and raise your hip hop talents to the next level.