Future Shock is a book by the futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler, in which the authors define the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of. Alvin Toffler. De Wikiquote, la colección libre de citas “El cambio es el proceso en que el futuro invade nuestras vidas.” El shock del futuro (), introducción.

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Future Shock

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I don’t know if it is any. The economy is its own god, and GDP is all that matters. For me, it was initially a very slow read, but for some reason it eventually took off into Part 3, and I found myself sold.

Trivia About Future Shock. Toffler’s explanations are very detailed; he starts with how these ideas apply to ourselves, psychologically, to the economy, to society at large, etc. It’s amazing how a lot of the concerns and ideas are still relevant today.

Toffler describes the properties and consequences of the worst illness of our time: A bit heavy in terms of content, but well worth it.

Alvin Toffler – Wikiquote

May 19, Emily rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

What about the absolute irritation of having to ‘use and throw’ most of librl products once they outlive their usefulness.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The book, which became an international bestseller, grew out of an article “The Future as a Way of Life” in Horizon magazineSummer issue. Experimental music group Death Grips use the lyric “Culture shock, future shock, fuck yourself, choke yourself” in their song ” Culture Shock “.


I like that book Change could be good and could let you great or worse.

The authors breathy pronouncements, fail to realize a fundamental truth. It’s heartening to see how many of the trends he wrote about have come true – it gave me confidence in his writing. The best way to deal with angry or alvvin minorities is to open the system further, bringing them in as full partners, permitting them to participate in social goal-setting, rather than attempting to ostracize or isolate them” You may very well have to revise your 20 year plans from one year to the next, or more, but it’s ok.

We must search out totally new ways to anchor ourselves, for alvvin the old roots – religion, nation, community, family, or profession – are now shaking under the hurricane impact of the accelerative thrust. Their problems, their preoccupations, their feelings are the same as Plato had, as Seneca had. The future will probably be about like the present but a little different. A former associate editor of Fortune magazine, his early work focused on technology and its impact through effects like information overload.

It’s just details, and for that matter, he himself says that although it’s very easy to get things wrong, it is important to try looking into and anticipating the future. The members were Phil Dockerty and Alex Tepper.

Stanley Clarke performed a song with the same title on his album Time Exposure. For other uses, see Future Shock disambiguation. Feb 10, John Frederick rated it really liked it Shelves: You can’t count on Jesus coming tomorrow and saving you from yourself.


Wasn’t impressed by Toffler high opinion of himself nor the uniqueness of his “vision” for the future. Indeed, it seems very hard to contest his view of the world, though i This book proposes a warning of impending social decay caused by a condition the author calls “Future Shock”. Part 1 introduces the basic program death of permanenceParts explain the 3 factors that induce future shock: Oh wait, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The overall production of goods and services doubles each 50 years in developed countries.

A new factory may cause an economic boom in the short run but in the long run it may kill jobs, ruin the economic livelihoods of townspeople, and belch poison into the environment.

Sure, it’s a bit dated, but it has some fun aspects.

As someone who’s dealt with anxiety and panic attacks most of his life, I also found the discussion of the physi Fascinating book! The second stage began in England with the Industrial Revolution with the invention of the machine tool and the steam engine. One of the best book by one of the best author. A large number of people acted as prosumers eating their grown food, hunting animals, building their own houses, making clothes,