Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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The Silver and the Plate Room is the store room for all the clean earthenware and metal tableware. After drying the crockery is stacked into lzyout of the correct size and placed on shelves until required for further use.

Requisition Forms — these are forms where the departments are recorded for procurement from the stores. In a nutshell, dry garbage materials are those items that can be recycled. Dry Versus Wet Garbage Before anything else though, the kitchen stewards assigned to garbage disposal should know the difference between dry and wet garbage.

The ceiling of store should not be less than 12 feet from floor level. This method is suitable for large pieces of silver such as salvers, trays, entree dishes, jugs, etc. The stewarding department has to clear the garbage bins at least four times a day so as to avoid piling up of garbage, and the garbage and waste materials should be transferred to its appropriate garbage trolleys.

They engage in scullery, ware wash, garbage disposal, kitchen cleaning, pest control; cafeteria cleaning. Countertop coolers and shelves.

vivekvermanotes: 5th sem kitchen stewarding notes (f&b) Notes

AMC Records Register — to maintain the annual maintenance records of all equipments. We think you have liked this presentation.

Singh 30 November at The kitchen steward has lent professionalism, dignity and technicality to what was previously considered a menial chore. Carried out either manually or by machines. This is excellent information. Common Guidelines in Proper Stewrding Disposal Each restaurant has its own guideline for proper garbage disposal that its Stewarding Department uses. Log Book — to maintain daily information of the department 2.


The machine is aided by a conveyor belt running through it. After a few minutes, the article is thoroughly rinsed in boiling water and wiped dry with a clean cloth. Ashwin Kumar 19 March at Anonymous 15 December at Preparing the duty roster 3. Rotisserie skewers and the tines.

The machine itself is very expensive and should be maintained and operated strictly as per the instructions given in the manual. The stacked and grouped dirties come in their groups to the first sink and here they are manually scrubbed with the hot layoutt solution after which they are passed to the second sink where they are rinsed and ultimately stfwarding the third sink with tepid water where they are sanitized.

The silver to be cleaned is placed in such a way that at least one piece of silver is in contact with the polivit. The soap solution is added to avoid friction which jitchen cause scratches. Slowly, they evolved to become stewards, taking care of every aspect of the kitchen from maintenance, cleaning, tracking inventory, keeping an eye on the temperature in which utensils, pots and crockery are washed, refrigeration of food and monitoring the work of the cleaners.

Callum Smith 30 November at Plastic items should have one container, and so do cardboard boxes, glasses, papers, etc. It is the responsibility of the stewards ahd provide necessary tools and cleaning agents. The wash up is carried out mainly in two methods: The rack then moves to the sterilization section where the dishes are subjected to a hot water shower of 82 degree C. As the drum revolves, the mixture of water and detergent acts as a lubricant between the silver and ball bearings and gently removes any tarnish on the silver without leaving any scratches.


They should also be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in between products.

Dishes are neatly stacked in racks which slide into the machines where they are sprayed with hot water and detergents 48 degree C degree C from above and below. Be sure to place them in their appropriate linen bag before they are sent to the laundered. The waiter should stack the trays of dirties correctly wnd the side board with all the same sized plates together and all the tableware stacked on one of the plates with the blades of the knives running under the arch of the drsign.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design

The first sink contains a hot water and soap solution, and the second sink contains hot water to rinse and the third sink contains tepid warm kihchen with a sanitized solution. Dividing curtains highly resistant to chemical agents and heat are present. Supervising the work of the staff 4.

The tarnished silver is dipped in kichen solution for about minutes. You should also make sure that the opening of the garbage bin plastic liner is tied shut.

The articles to cleaned must be free from grease. Readily available metal may be used to clean articles in the same way.

Dishes sterilized at this temperature dry quickly when passed out into the air. Sending epns for plating and keeping a record of the same. Items must place by a coding system of numerical bin sequence or alphabetical index. Published by Cathleen Bond Modified over 3 years ago. Sendhamarai Engineering Boom Lift.