– Explore Digital Media Warriors’s board “KARATE KIHON” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Martial Arts, Shotokan karate and Exercises. Hi everybody, finally after 7 years of browsing forums I joined sherdog family. So greetings! When I was 10 I trained shotokan karate for 2 years.

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I have done some research on my own and it is very foggy and generic. Using jodan uke upper level block works well in conjunction with kykoushin when teaching this principle. Also there are 13 more Katas that Sosai Oyama taught on the beginning of Kyokushin, but later on were left aside.

Kihon Book – Kyokushin UK

By having the heel planted firmly on the ground we create a solid connection between the floor and the target. To answer your questions:. Geri Waza Foot or Kicks Techniques.

The objective of kumite is not to cause injury to your opponent, kyokshin to work on successfully executing proper motions and strikes. Stepping too much and sending the center of gravity back takes away from the forward projection of the stance, which is what front stance is about.

To answer your question, they are all ver similar. Share This Page Tweet. I do spend 2 h daily training by my self. The goal is to drill technique and master mechanics. Being sure to point out where you might need help and what you are doing well.

Thanks for the great work you have done uploading all these valuable material. The Force strong – weak of the Power. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A record that still stands. There’s a boxing gym two blocks away from me where the coach is a former national champion – they “punch air” at the start of every training session. Paying close attention not to make the common mistake of stepping back too far or shifting the weight backwards we also learn how to utilize centering and weight distribution, now putting to use some of the lesson we learned at the beginning.


Northern parts of China with the firm flat terrain allowed these Kata to utilize long, powerful stances and strong blocks and strikes. And this is where zenkutsu dachi training has meaning.

Hi everybody, finally after 7 years of browsing forums I joined sherdog family. The internal organs, the blood circulation and the nervous system.

The Chinese translation of Pinan “Safe from Harm” is supposed to mean that once these five Katas and their applications have been mastered the Karateka, can be confident in their ability to defend themselves in most situations, keeping you safe from being harm.

Since I knew Kyokushin, the transition was easy. As this is done, the muscles and tendons are strengthened and stretched.

Kihon Book

The ease in which it allows the above lessons to be taught and learned make it a valuable tool in setting up the student for more advanced techniques and smooth transitions. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Such as being in the right angle and position when blocking. I want to test my understanding a bit. Getting lost within the turns, looking to the higher ranks to find my place and keep up.

Like building our vocabulary. If the oi tsuki is not a feint and it has power after execution, the torso will be at a 90 degrees in order to have the body behind it. I get lost in it sometimes, and forget about time. A dojo is a place of trainig and not of talking to much that is. You won’t get much out of anything if you believe it is a waste of your time.

Kyokushin training consists of three main elements: Because I can’t resist a feeling that this is waste of time.

In feudal Japan, Samurai warriors would often go on expeditions lasting many months, and they needed to maintain their strength and spirit over a long period of time.

This Kata is also known as the “Rising Sun”. Point and Circle Theory. Nov 10, Messages: It can become exasperating when you work on one aspect, but continue to make mistakes.


Generally it is only found in Kyokushin derived styles and in Chinese Kempo schools where it probably originated. The power of a technique derives from the proper balance between strength and relaxation. All ideas must start from jyu kumite.

The 3 Main Elements of Kyokushin Karate: Kihon, Kata, and Kumite

Sushiho is derived from the words Useshi, the Okinawan pronunciation of the kanji characters for 54 pronounced Go Ju Shi in Japaneseand Ho, meaning walk or step. Because you practiced Shotokan when you were 10 years old and karate tends to be taught in two phases–the first being the part where you learn techniques and work for perfect form, and the second being the part where you actually learn how to apply all of that–which means that, in all likelihood, you were never actually taught how to apply any of your kihon beyond the obvious ways of using them, and even if you were you probably wouldn’t remember by now or wouldn’t have understood it at the time, anyway.

Genkotsu or Kyusho Jutsu Vital nerve or pressing points attack If you are concerned about doing kihon and kata for tradition’s sake and don’t want to do that, you will have to ask the Sensei of that dojo whether they work practical bunkai or not and how much they do it. The tempo of the Kata varies, some techniques are performed quickly, while others are done more slowly.

Kyokusbin I need to validate them or discard it. Jul 17, Messages: After some time after receiving the info from you, some ideas came to my mind.