Sayyid Muhammad ibn Safdar Husayni, known as Sayyid Jamal-al-din Afghani or Sayyid Jamal –al-din Asadabadi was born in in Iran. Other primary documentation is found in N. R. Keddie, Sayyid Jamal ad-Din “al- Afghani”: A Political Biography, Berkeley, ) Life. Jamāl-al-dīn was born in. Sayyid Jamal al-Din Asadabadi () became renowned as “al-Afghani.” Born into a Turkic-speaking Shi`ite family in a small Azeri town near Hamadan.

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Other primary documentation is found in N. Retrieved from ” https: Evidently Afghani tried to influence the pro-British ‘Ali against Britain, and was therefore expelled. There are numerous variant renderings of the same Arabic or Hebrew words, such as “Hizbollah,” “Hisbulla” etc. There may be many variants of the same name or word such as Hezbollah, Hizbolla, Hisbolla or Husayn and Hussein. He was spotted in Afghanistan in and spent time in QandaharGhazniand Kabul.

Idem, An Islamic Response to Imperialism: At this point, the Iranian Ulema and the merchants instigated a mass uprising against the Shah’s tobacco concession.

Until then he had identified with the nationalism of the country where he found himself but now, taking a leaf from the Young Jakaluddin Namik Kemal, he began to speak of the unity of all Muslims behind the Ottoman sultan as the only means to ward off increasing Western aggression. At the age of 17 or 18 in —56, Al-Afghani travelled to British India and spent a number of years there studying religions. He took offence to the sultan. His next destination was London, where he met agent Edward Browne, who was working in the Iran unit, and publicly continued operations against Iran.

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He was one of the first to reintroduce the teaching of Muslim philosophy in Egypt, and texts he owned on the subject often carry his annotations dating from his period of teaching them in Cairo.

jsmaluddin We are going to behead religion with the sword of religion. Perhaps he believed that Abdulaziz, the Ottoman sultan was the hoped for “perfect man.

Jamal al Din al Afghani

An Annotated BibliographyLeiden, Afhhani university was shut down and al-Afghani, accused of being a heretic, was deported If you would like to contribute articles or expansions of existing articles, please contact news at mideastweb. The Shah and his Prime Minister had had enough. The main primary material in English is found in the Foreign Office especially F. From time to time his nationality too would change — like his headgear — depending on the time and place.

Visit the deletion requests subpage and place the following code: For pages marked Copyrightjamaludfin material should bear this notice: Afghani being closed to king, gave him advice to negotiate with Russian against British government. He also published a namesake magazine.


Al-Afghani was invited by Shah Nasser ad-Din to come to Iran and advise on affairs of government, but fell from favour quite quickly and had to take sanctuary in a shrine near Tehran. It is clear that al-Afghani did not spend much time on scholarship. Suggestions and corrections are welcome. His real aim was to carry out the underground operation to dethrone Shah.

He also prevented al-Afghani from going to Arabia. It was jamaluddon hierarchically structured society based on the principles of shame, trustworthiness, and truthfulness and aspiring to the ideals of intelligence, pride, and justice.

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani | Biography & Facts |

In exchange for supporting them against the Ottomans, mamaluddin offered the sultanate of Sudan, which they would pluck from Egypt. He advised the sultan with respect to turning the Ottoman country into a federation, pursuant to the British policy of that century, but he couldn’t convince him. Then he tried to use it for political purposes, i. It was indeed first anti colonial pamphlet.