DIY Steadicam: Want to add a touch of technology that the pros use on your home videos? Try making one of these DIY steadicam projects for any camera or . The steadicams building tutorials are among the more popular builds on the blog. No wonder, as using a Steadicam produces significantly. The steadicam has become a staple in the cinematography industry. The problem more often than not, though, is that not a lot of people can.

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The video below steps you through the process.

How To Build A $30 DIY Steadicam – DIY Photography

So building one of these… RT msenese: The commercial version of the ‘Steadicam’ has been around for a very long time, and has helped create many defining moments in popular cinema; many of us still remember the harrowing chase homfmade the maze in Steven King’s ‘The Shining’ and the amazing way that the camera seemed to float behind the actors as they ran This first picture shows the first step of building the gimbal The Home Made Steadicam.

It is also frequently used in shots where a subject is sitting and talking because having the camera circle the subject will keep your viewer from getting bored. I needed to homeade a material that was easy to work with that could be cut with my predominantly wood-working tools.

Thanks for this post. The metal frame makes it a little heavier than some of the other, lighter PVC optionsbut also increases its longevity and sturdiness along with the weight being a good balance mechanism.

A steadicam uses weight at the bottom of the rig to eliminate small shakes and twitches that come from holding it in your hands above. Chad Bredahl over at krotoflik has a new tutorial and his tutorials are top notch — see his Jib and Travel Jib tutorials. He likes to make stuff. Rather, a CNC machined one by [Matt]. The hinges are perpendicular to each other, one allows forward-back tilting while the other allows left-right tilting.


A bottom-heavy counterweight won’t work anything like a Steadicam. As you can see in steadicak video after the break, the harder part is getting the chicken to look at what you want it to look at. How to Build the Krotocam krotoflik. The PVC is much lighter than the metal contraptions and offers a little more give. John Aldred is based in Scotland and photographs animals in the studio and people in the wild.

I wish I had a shop for this sort of thing. Often a camera dolly will be placed on a smooth track to insure there will be no bumps. It produces more stteadicam shake than a steadicam, but much less than if you were holding the camera. Click to check their build. I always think how shady a company is if they cant post prices on there site its a red flag.

For steadocam build tutorial a demonstration short and some musing from me hit the jump.

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A shoulder mount puts the audience in the scene with the subject and gives them the feeling they are moving along with the camera. Steadicam A Steadicam is actually a brand of stabilizer that was created as an alternative to a dolly. The only problem is that stabilizers can be bulky and expensive. Building a Snorricam [via Gizmodo ]. To get started all you’ll need is: A photo illustrates this much more easily: If you like the DIYer-style stabilizers, check this other wooded one out.

How about this pistol grip stabilizer? He does a couple of nice design choices along the way — like using press-nuts to make assembly and dis-assembly easy, and dismantling one of the motors and replacing its shaft with a custom, longer one instead of using a coupler to extend it. If you decide to copy what Steaddicam done here, I just ask that you give a little credit to ‘YB2Normal’ and send them over to my site to check out my other work.


Austin is a Columbus, OH editorial and lifestyle photographer, menswear aficionado, pseudo-bohemian, homejade semi-luddite. Now if your saying this site sells something that is VERY similar and only adds the cost of assembly then that might be fair. What should come next? Top image via Film Riot. Actually it is quite easy.

Gear Hacks: DIY Camera Stabilizers and Rigs for Under $25

Homrmade weighted bar at the bottom of the stabilizer is 1×2 pine stock which has been cut to length and drilled for the all-thread rod and 2 bolts to hold the weight stacks Gee thats nice, Why does Wondlan.

Find my work on My website or follow me on Facebook or My page. Get up and do something. Previous attempts have tried adding a counterweight and moving the camera away from the hands. These rigs can also include weights which counterbalance the weight of the camera and eases the stress on the filmmaker.

There are several types available for purchase but they can get fairly expensive. I like your merlin-like steadicam. Version 3 allowed the user to easily adjust angles and weights to prevent accidentally knocking the assembly. Sand the edges of three segments, these will make a grip for the rig. The double bars give perfect balance and full control for most stationary and steadcam camera moves, however it does bounce a little more when moving quickly.

I tried to do this once, couldn’t figure out the last pieces: JP Danko is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

Even the cheaper ones at a few hundred dollars are not economical for hobbyists. Never miss a story from Video Strategistwhen you sign up for Medium. Camera rigs come in all shapes and sizes for all types of jobs. I made one like this and here it is https: