Julia Jurgenson Writing September 27, Jonah Lehrer’s article “ Groupthink” is mainly about producing new ways of brainstorming. He discusses the. Groupthink: The brainstorming myth. The New Yorker. The ideas presented in Jonah Lehrer’s article were very interesting, especially for someone . And in his New Yorker article, Jonah Lehrer cites research Suffice it to say, we dislike consensus-based “Groupthink” as much as the next.

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Assignment 2: Lehrer “Groupthink” Summary and Analysis | juliajurgensonwriting

He points to a study by Charlan Nemeth, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, to show that brainstorming with criticism actually gives better creative results!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This group only pointed out that individuals could come up with more new ideas that the groupthink, given similar circumstances. On that front I would say she is herself just entering the front door of the learning curve. The method of groupthini and jpnah familiar people to create things, such as plays, could be combined to generate the greatest brainstorming technique yet. There seems to be two primary GroupThink articles floating groutphink one by Susan Cain published January 13, and the other that you referenced by Jonah Lehrer published January 30, Steve Jobs designed this space around a central atrium and moved essential rooms such as the cafeteria, gift shop, meeting rooms, and bathrooms to one central spot so staff from different departments would have to run into each other throughout the day.

People have a belief that their leheer are crazy, but when they try them, they realize the ideas are lehrdr and it opens up the doors to them thinking outside of the box as well. You are commenting using your Facebook lshrer. I do appreciate the insight however on what makes a successful group. But then again all that eye-ball directing drama would have been missed…: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Lehrer’s definition of brainstorming is the grouptbink listing of ideas without criticism or negative feedback. The possible avenues for odd-ball sillybilly research approaches seem endless. One might take into account time considerations, that bike riding in would probably be different from the bike riding that took place fifty or sixty jonwh ago.


The importance Uzzi introduces here is that the time these actors and actresses spend together is essential to produce a good show. It is the human friction that makes the sparks” I bet we could come up with our own stories about creative innovations that came from a chance meeting in a hallway or between schools in the village.

I agree that the team that debated had more ideas but how did he judge that they were more creative?

Anyone can construct an argument with the leading edges, the middle or the tail end. A basic that Cain does not seem to get is that most working adults already know how to work by themselves, what most seek help with right now, what most missed in most forms of even advanced lehfer, is how to work with other tribes in the context of wicked problems.

Assignment 2: Lehrer “Groupthink” Summary and Analysis

The subject and working jonag of enabling integrative innovation in organizations is unquestionably a moving frontier, forever in motion. Alternatively to those approaches, one could apply a little common sense and appreciate that at level 10, the view of bike riding might look considerably different. To accomplish this end, Lehrer brought to bear all of his education and experience as a neuroscience major and Rhodes Scholar on literary works to take and cultivate the minds of his readers.

Lehrer was just a writer receiving a pittance for his article, with no resources to do a research piece. Rather, her conclusions augmented the original conclusions. In general I would say there is a rather frustrated, unsung perspective calling out there, especially in Quietthat deserves to be voiced and better understood in organizational contexts.

Another incubator for creativity was Building 20 on the M. Also, how can we cross pollinate students from different grades or different schools to facilitate more creative outputs.

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The bike might be different, the riding interface might be different, etc. Another analyst says group work has become more popular over the years and has caused individuals to become less creative because they have outside ideas coming from other sources.


Email required Address never made public. Some of the outcomes were Chomsky’s studies of linguistics, the Bose speakers, advances in high-speed photography, and the first video game. In trying to find the ideal composition of a team; he discovered that the relationship among the collaborators was a reliable predictor of the commercial success of a musical.

Does a commercially successful Broadway musical equal creativity? With such a hunger out there for posting material that drives eyeballs to web sites it seems to matter more if the content is provocative and less if it makes any real sense.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We have been surprised that our colleagues from the design research community have raised so few questions in this regard. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It seems likely that she is not aware that those already in the integrative thinking enabling business have many additional tools, encompassing numerous additional dimensions of consideration in the construction of diversity.

It is relatively easy to construct arguments against where the frontier was decades ago and then spin that depiction as if that is where the frontier is today. Leave A Comment Cancel Reply.

Of course the notion that multiple states of bicycle riding do exist has been known for decades. It is with such a unique background of the human mind and literary skill that Lehrer uses his essay on Brainwashing as a cleverly disguised ruse to transform the unsuspecting reader into an active participant in a groupthink on the topic of brainwashing. This strategy not only increases the quantity of the ideas, but also improves the quality of the ones already there.

Apart from the hyperbolics the introvert point of view is, in organizations, often present but not listened to or just plain missing.