Goal Setting As A Real Estate Investor

An ominous wind blows over the nation. The economy is in the crapper. Tax hikes looming over the horizon and public spending already out of control bode badly for the future. The crash is coming.

Gather some of these “lower competition”, but “commercially attractive” 2 to 4 word phrases and go to a place like Domainsbot and start to check domain names.

All too often we let the media shape our thinking. The local daily news does little to help your focus and listing opportunity. Stop listening to others and start listening to yourself. Be your own news creator. Be the ‘headline’ can ho agent that closes all the best deals under pressure in all economic climates.

Selling other companies’ products is known as Affiliate Marketing. This is where beginners have the best opportunity to make money. You promote other people’s products without the hassle of inventory or dealing with customers. Through your advertising efforts, you simply direct customers to a product and you receive a commission for your effort. Best of all, there are many advertising avenues you can take advantage of that are free! You can advertise on some forums and blogs for free. You can send email. You can write articles and post them for free!

For instance, back in the Fall of 2010, the Indian Palms Country Club in Indio would have really nice 1000 sq. ft. greenbelt condo’s for around $80,000. But shortly after the first of the year all of those were gone and the same condo’s now sell for in the $100k’s. And these are nice condo’s, with great community pools in a real golf course country club with a clubhouse, restaurant and gym; everything you need to make your desert stay enjoyable.

Rollovers are reported to the IRS and some custodians will withhold a portion of the fund to cover possible taxes. In true rollovers, a check is made payable to you. Then, you have the responsibility of finding another custodian within 60 days. If you cannot meet the 60 day deadline, you may be able to get an extension, but it is risky business, to say the least. The entire fund could be taxed as regular income for that year.

With this fundamental big picture approach and a ton of free Google research and practice, you can start learning and mastering how to find great domain names over time.