The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML publishing projects. Installing FOP · Using FOP · Using other XSL-FO processors. Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text To output to PDF, tell FOP to register your fonts with your file. And since my entire DocBook chain was built from open source, I had to use Apache FOP. Apache FOP has a long history. For some reason, it.

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The following example assumes the FOP.

This should be enough to make the plugin aware of the existence of this font, and to have a way resolve its name to the required meta data. Cross references Cross references within a document Linking from other elements Options for generated xref text Cross references between documents Linking to websites Breaking long URLs DocBook 5 cross references Customizing cross references Customizing with an xrefstyle attribute Modifying gentext templates Customizing cross reference behavior Customizing cross reference typography Specialized cross references Chapter These are examples of optional dblatex output customization and are used by a2x 1.

To download FOP, go to http: You can make the change permanent by adding it in the FOP convenience script, such as fop. You probably want the binary version rather than the source version. I will explain later why the language attribute is important. DocBook files are validated, parsed and translated various presentation file formats using a combination of applications collectively called a DocBook tool chain. That message comes from a template named root.


Some products provide a command line interface or convenience script. Copy it to the lib subdirectory of the FOP installation.

Part 2. FO Parameter Reference

A wide range of user output format requirements coupled with a choice of available tools and stylesheets results dpcbook many valid tool chain combinations. You should never turn on the extensions for a processor you are not using, or you will likely get a lot of error messages from the XSL-FO processor that does not understand the extra code.

You can increase the memory allocation by adding a -Xmx option to any Java command. Take a look ad DocBook samples he provides.

Some provide extension elements and processing instructions to enable features that are not covered in the XSL-FO 1. The problems is that these fonts do not have support for all the characters you are probably using if your are converting a document that is not written in English. When the extensions for one of these processors is turned on, extra code is written by the stylesheet into the XSL-FO file.

The examples that follow are executed from the distribution dop. Add a plugin First of all, you need to add a plugin to the plugins section. AsciiDoc dblatex configuration files.


However, that has been solved with the latest versions, and I think the output generated by the DocBook stylesheets can be quite ok. FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output.

That site will also provide you with detailed instructions for getting started with FOP. You can use the fonts name in all places where the stylesheets are referring to a docbooi name. If you are using the Maven Docbkx Plugin, then you might want something that integrates with Maven.

DocBook, FOP and Fonts

That extra code is understood only by a specific processor, so this feature is controlled by stylesheet parameters. Note For a long time, version 0. A software framework that allows software components to work together. It is highly recommended that you not use version 0.

You also need to make sure the font metrics can be found. All of the arguments to the command are in the form of options, and they can be presented in any order. Preface What is DocBook? That is, if you customize them.