Five Great Children’s Face Painting Tips

Are you strapped for cash? Bored out of your mind? Tired of watching meaningless TV shows? Here are some ideas for you that don’t cost as much money as going out on the town.

Medium – In case you feel that your students are very much curious with your art lessons then educate them about medium. Educate students about the various types of platforms which house painting make use of to create works of art, such as watercolors, oils as well as colored pens. Always show your pupils various examples of each so they can grasp and learn how to differentiate between a watercolor and an acrylic painting. You could conduct one medium art activity each day or you could have fun with around the world in mediums.

Before you start rolling the walls with paint, you should do your “cut ins.” Cut ins are areas like painting up to base boards, window trim, corners and around electrical outlets. Use a small sash brush for this work. When using a brush you will want to fill a paint bucket with only one inch of paint. This also serves the purpose of being more difficult to spill the paint in the bucket.

On Monday, August 15, 2011, Tucson’s Color Me Mine in the Park Place Mall is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. This pottery painting studio offers is a great place for kids to enjoy being creative. There is a wide variety of items to choose to paint. The main cost at Color Me Mine is for the unpainted pottery piece, but the studio fee is also part of the cost. The studio fee is pretty reasonable, but it is a steal of a deal on the store’s 2nd anniversary at the price of only $2 per painter. The studio fee includes the supplies to paint your chosen item as well as the glaze and firing of your painted piece.

In fact, visiting a dog museum was not really on my list of things to do— ever, but I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. Missing The Museum of the Dog in St. Louis would be pretty easy to do since there are so many other things of interest to see in that city. The Arch and Grand Central Station just to mention a couple, but, if you ever get to St. Louis, try to find time for the Museum of the Dog.

All types of fabric art are available as well. They carry and excellent selection and quality of yarns, threads, needles, hoops, and racks for all types of work. The employees at Michaels Arts and Crafts often create things using supplies from the store. I was in there once and saw the most beautiful hand sewn quilt. It was made all of velvet pieces and silk ribbons. I wanted to buy it but it wasn’t for sale.

There is also the Impasto technique, which is when you apply thick layers of paint, and you can easily see marks and ridges left from the paint applicator. If there is too much paint, you can place absorbent paper over the area and use it to lift off the excess paint; this is known as tonking.