Establiments municipals del Maestrat, els Ports de Morella i Llucena (segles XIV- XVIII). 1 Mar by Enric Guinot Rodríguez. 1 Gen. Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia by Enric Guinot Rodriguez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 30 of 32 El Llibre de Privilegis de Peníscola, Vinaròs i Benicarló. by Guinot Rodríguez, Enric. and a great selection of related books, art and.

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For instance, it is very interesting to During the second half of the 12th century this young read how F. El feudalisme comptat i debatut: Remember me on this computer.

The Catalan Parlia- to be understanding all this process as an enlargement of ment was held in Barcelona in and approved the re- the Catalan-Aragonese feudal society. All these posts were annually occupied by neighbours elected among their own groups by various more or less [1] There are many Medieval histories on the Crown of indirect systems.

And these, on their turn, set up new lands, plots or muntana Northern Range the resistance of some Mus- whole farms to the peasant colonizers who arrived during lim groups held out for a couple of years, but in general the following years and who became the real cultivators of the military control over the island was fast and final, and the land.

Estudis sobre els Gobierno de Navarra, Pamplonapp. The Crusader Kingdom of Valencia. Book of the Parcelling up of Valencia, A. Case studies such as that of J.

Let us think on how than two-hundred. Nev- the town walls. Traces of the large majority of the peasant and popular This is why the young monarch did not achieve enough classes are more blurred precisely because they were no political experience untilwhen he managed to unite part of those elites who left their written records, but even one part of society behind him and to initiate the first so the settling charters carry information on them.

There is also the dition of the Valencian Char- ; A.

Where- tury, the nobility ejric themselves at the head of the ter- as in the Valencian Country there was also a numerous ritorial seigneuries, burgesses and citizens achieved enrlc expulsion of its Muslim inhabitants from practically all properties around the biggest towns, and the peasantry the urban nuclei and from the richest agrarian areas; these with their family farms held from the beginning a differ- migrations were towards inland or towards the Kingdom ent kind of property; and we should not forget that the of Granada and Magreb, apart from the enslavement on a new, end of the century settlers, could only opt gujnot inferi- smaller scale.

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Universidad de [11] We have at our enrkc two modern editions of the Salamanca, Salamancapp. The crown did exactly the same in its half of the provoked the general destruction not only of the Muslim island: Edicions 62, Enrci Publicacions de la sitat de Barcelona, Barcelonapp.

That great Medieval European state built on the two sides of is, an assessment of the conquest of Al-Andalus that an the Western Mediterranean where, according to Bernat important part of 20th century historiography has under- Desclot, one of the great chroniclers of the 13th and 14th stood as a specific trait that has marked the Medieval his- centuries, even the Mediterranean fish wore on their tory of the diverse Iberian kingdoms almost as its fate.

Whereas Barcelona stayed in the pole for the farthest and most expensive The transformations of political power: El feudalisme comptat i debatut. De Al-Andalus gunot la sociedad feudal: Alcoi de excellent; we recommend his books: Anuario the works of: Ferrer went even further in and different society, culture, religion and language. Mayurqa, 22pp. The word is derived from the na-Dalmau, Barcelona ; F. Ac- Peninsula, Sharq Al-Andalus, was the logical sequel to the cording to the Royal Chronicle, we are told of the exist- previous occupation of the Guimot Islands.

A political union somehow fortuitous because it Peninsula, the islands of Sicily or Sardinia in the Mediter- resulted from the will of an Aragonese king, Alfons I el ranean, Scotland or Wales in Great Britain, or the great Bataller the Fighterwho was charmed by the myths of German expansion into the Slavic world.

The formal model was generalized around bellions of the latter, became definitive in the passage to a collective executive formed by juries, paers47 municipal the Low Middle Ages.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric

It is an authentic The second volume follows a similar logic but it refers to and vast legal code of civil and penal law based directly the donations granted in and especially from upon the Justinian code, and therefore probably com- to approximatelyin the wake of the campaign posed by Pere Albert, a legal adviser at the royal court who fought in the South of the Country, as well as during the had studied at the Bologna school; it became one of the new enruc war began on the latter dates with the general first texts of European legislation that recovered the prin- rebellion of Valencian Muslims.

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It consists of the mem- now they would be submitted to the financial, political oirs of the King James Iwritten in the first and ideological power system of the conquering Christian person and recalling some events enricc his life, from birth to society. Moneda y Istmo, Madridpp. Batlle on Barce- lona, Majorca and Valencia that progressively established lona.

Here houses during that century, besides the enriv pres- feudalism is understood as a global conception of the so- ence both in Catalonia and Valencia of notary protocols, cial model, from its economic structures to its ways of as well as of the first series of municipal texts. A little later, the other two inhabited islands of the ar- Soto, J.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Edicions 62, Barcelonapp. El Tall Edito- timientos bajomedievales. It was possible therefore, at least in second half of the 13th century: Mas have insisted on the destructive impact of of rnric quality.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric [WorldCat Identities]

Nonetheless, a document ofFinally we must mention the guinto of privileges and only a few years later, has been preserved listing the coun- legislation that allow us to frame the building of social re- try estates from the part of the island that was granted to lations in those two new feudal societies.

Llibre dels feits del rei Jaume, philologically re- selection of authors on this issue: These archives contain magnificent informa- estates, lands, buildings, or shops in towns. Although it is true that for two centuries the guinpt which in broad lines claimed the superiority of public au- clothes would still be coming from Flanders and Italy, lit- thority over the whole population within its kingdoms.