Ecclesia Gnostica .. Had the pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation. Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite Abraxas. At the bottom of it there is the dark Abraxas, the source and origin of everything. Jung says: “he represents the dominus mundi, the Lord of this physical world. 24, ), the Gnostic Basilides (died about ) gave the name of Abraxas to the . Numele Abraxas este asociat k fiozofia pagana si cea gnostica see you.

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Shamdasani’s extensive introduction and notes on the text of the Red Book provide a wealth of previously unavailable primary documentation on this crucial period of Jung’s life. From this you can see why indistinctiveness and non-distinction are a great danger for the creature.


Jung’s first mandala drawing, inspired by the VII Sermones. No man, therefore, escapeth these daemons. At bottom, therefore, there is only one striving, namely, the striving after your own being. Good and evil are united in the increase of the tree.

Abraxas Magazine n 4 | IGA Sede Mundial

If we are not true to this nature we do not distinguish ourselves enough. She is a vessel of the sun. After describing the manifestation of the Gospel in the Ogdoad and Hebdomad, he adds that the Basilidians have a long account of the innumerable creations and powers in the several ‘stages’ of the upper world diastematain which they speak of heavens and say that “their great archon” is Abrasax, because his name contains the numberthe number of the days in the year; i.

Nothing can be built on the vague allusions of Jeromeaccording to whom ‘Abraxas’ meant for Basilides “the greatest God” De vir.

Geiger suggested a derivation for Abraxas from the Hebrew ha-berakah “the blessing” ; this is approved by King, “Gnostics,” p. From the sun he draweth the summum bonum; from the devil the infimum malum; but from Abraxas lifealtogether indefinite, the mother of good and evil.

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Para distinguir Deus dele, chamamos a Deus Helios, ou o Sol.

That which is spoken by God-the-Sun is life; that which agraxas spoken by the Devil is death; Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word, which is life and death at the same time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sonu Shamdasani, Norton, With this central work of Jung’s now in hand, we discover that the Seven Sermons to the Dead actually compose the closing pages of the Red Book draft manuscripts; the version transcribed for the Red Book varies only slightly from the text published inhowever the Red Book includes after each of the sermons an additional amplifying gnostick by Philemon Jung’s spirit guide.

Jung’s painting titled”Septem Sermones ad Mortuous” – completed around while working on Liber Novusand subsequently give as a gift to Wbraxas. We create them through thinking. Hence the natural striving of the creature goeth towards distinctiveness, fighteth against primeval, perilous sameness. Man is a gateway, through which from the outer world of gods, daemons, and souls ye pass into the inner world; out of the greater into the smaller world.

Eis por que ela permanece acima de ambos, sendo Deus acima de Deus, por unificar plenitude e vazio em seu trabalho. Having due regard to the magic papyriin which many of the unintelligible names of the Abrasax-stones abraxss, besides abdaxas for making abgaxas using gems with similar figures and formulas for magical purposes, it can scarcely be doubted that many of these stones are pagan amulets and instruments of magic.

This principle is the essence of the creature. The most compete version of the material surrounding the Septem Sermones is found in C. What use, say ye, to speak of it?

Near the end of his life, Jung spoke to Aniela Jaffe about the Septem Sermones and explained “that the discussions with the dead [in the Seven Sermons] formed the prelude to what he would subsequently communicate to the world, and that their content anticipated his later gnoostico. But we have no share thereof, as we are from the pleroma infinitely removed; not spiritually or temporally, but gbostico, since we are distinguished from the pleroma in our essence as creatura, which is confined within time and space.

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I speak of it to make a beginning somewhere, and also to free you from the delusion that somewhere, either without or within, there standeth something fixed, or in some way established, from the beginning. That alone is fixed and certain which is subject to change. Concerning our own distinctiveness, however, it is needful to speak, whereby we may distinguish ourselves enough. To god, therefore, always belongeth the devil.

Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness, in the same word and in the same act.

Sete sermões aos mortos

Among these are two god-devils; the one is the burning onethe other the growing one. The Leyden Papyrus recommends that this invocation be pronounced to the moon:.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Because, actually, the pleroma is nowhere divided, since it is nothingness.

That God’s name gmostico Abraxas. Like Barbelo and other similar names mentioned by Priscillian, Abrasax represented a demiurge, a divine potency elevated by some heretic sect to the position of a god.

The name occurs in the Refutation of all Heresies vii. The pleroma hath all, distinctiveness and non-distinctiveness.

Flame giveth light because it consumeth. Toward him goeth the long journey of the soul after death. God is not dead.