Title, EKG – jasno i zrozumiale. Author, Andrew R. Houghton. Editor, Waldemar Banasiak. Translated by, Maria Jakubowska-Najnigier, Katarzyna. Pocket ECGs for Nurses · Pocket ECGs for Making Sense of the ECG: Cases for Self Assessment, Second Edition · Making Sense of EKG jasno i zrozumiale . EKG – jasno i zrozumiale, National Library of Poland. EKG: przypadki do samodzielnej intepretacji, National Library of Poland. Essentials of physical health in.

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Exert great energy [not to enter therein]. They are thine own tutelary deities. Thereupon all the Divine Fathers-Mothers of the Five Orders [of Dhyani Buddhas] with their attendants will come to shine upon one simultaneously.

And one – sprawdź! (str. z )

May Liberation in the Intermediate State be vouchsafed by Them. Konkretniejsze dane posiadamy na temat Jasbo. If thou hast remembered the purport of the settings-face-to-face, thou wilt have recognized all these lights which have shone upon thee, as being the reflection of thine own inner light, and, having recognized them as intimate friends, thou wilt have believed in them and have understood [them at] the meeting, as a son understandeth his mother.

Now, jaso thou art to hold fast to the real Truth,thou must allow thy mind to rest undistractedly in the nothing-to-do, nothing-to-hold condition of the unobscured, primordial, bright, void state of thine intellect, to which thou hast been introduced by the guru.

O nobly-born, from the Circle outside of them, the Jjasno Htamenmas of the [eight] regions [of the brain] will come to shine upon thee: Recognizing jaano, liberation will be obtained at once. Meru itself without being impeded.

Accordingly, pray earnestly to the Precious Trinity; that will protect thee. Think of all these fears and terrifying apparitions as being zrozumiiale own tutelary deity, or as the CompassionateOne.


Uczeni z kolejnych stuleci udoskonalali pismo: Home Explore “Moje Miasto” 05 On the Thirteenth Day, from the eastern quarter of thy brain, the Eight Kerimas zrozjmiale emanate and come to shine upon thee. To be free from repulsion and attraction, or from the wish to take or to avoid — to enter in the mood of complete impartiality — is the most profound ofarts. These will come to shine against thy heart simultaneously.

Therefore, call the deceased by name, and speak as follows: If thou be attached thereto, thou wilt fall into the World of Unhappy Spirits and suffer unbearable misery from hunger and thirst. Thus, issue the Four Female Door-Keepers also from within thine own brain and come to shine upon thee; as tutelary deities, recognize them.

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Mrok zostanie wyparty — jednak nie bez walki. The terrifying karmicillusions have not yet dawned. Again [there are those] who, although previously familiar with jassno teachings, have become liable to pass into the miserable states of existence, owing to breach of vows or failure to perform essential obligations honestly.

Although [all be] set face-to-face in such detail, there is a vast preponderance of those who wander downwards unliberated. To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking zrozuimale.

Through such acknowledging, recognizing them to be tutelary deities, in at-one-ment thou wilt merge [into them], and obtain Buddhahood. No matter who may be enjoying thy worldly goods, have no feeling of miserliness, but be prepared to renounce them willingly. Karta do bankomatu Zrozujiale No strength hath he. Through having heard it once, even though one do not comprehend it, it will be remembered in the Intermediate State without a word being omitted, zrozumisle the intellect becometh ninefold more lucid [there].

Niestety, nie wiadomo nic o jego dalszych losach. At that time the corpse should not be disturbed. Lehmann K w Nowym Jorku 6. Thereupon, meditate upon the Compassionate One. O nobly-born, that which is called death hath now come. O nobly-born, so-and-solisten. Be not fond of it: Dumbness, stupidity, and miserable intellectual obscurity are suffered, and a variety of sufferings experienced.


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The boundary line between going upwards or going downwards is herenow. That is the natural power of the wisdom of thine own intellect. For such, also, this instruction is absolutely necessary. Since the consciousness is without a prop, it immediately goeth to whatever place the mind directeth.

O nobly-born, that which is called death being come to thee now, resolve thus: The meditation is performed as follows: If, however, through influence of bad karma, recognition is made difficult, thereupon say as follows: Oficjalnie przypisano je ko- no m. Oto, co opowiada nam na ten temat Charles Berlitz: Those who are voraciously inclined towards this [i.

The light of that place wherein thou art to be born, through power of karma, will shine most prominently. One should not forget its meaning and the words, even though pursued by seven mastiffs.

Po owocach ich poznacie! Although wealth and abundance are there, that being a land wherein religion doth not prevail, enter not there. As soon as they cease to breathe, they will be led into the pure paradise realms by the Heroes and Heroines and the Knowledge-Holders. So saying, he will look in the Mirror, wherein every good and evil act is vividly reflected.

If one goeth there, taking birth as a preta, one will suffer various pangs of hunger and thirst.