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When it comes to trucks, lorries and vans, no matter what you call them, it’s fair to say that some vehicles are much more recognisable than others. From adverts and Hollywood blockbusters to cross cultural vans and lorries, we thought we’d round up some of the most famous vehicles in truck history.

The customer might not be very pleased if the van breaks down on the middle of nowhere. In fact he might be quite annoyed that his journey with a lot of luggage is interrupted where he cannot find a help sooner. Hence, make sure that the van is maintained in good quality. It should not only be in excellent working condition but also provide interiors that give comfort and safety. There needs to be enough storage space as the van is mainly to carry goods.

Stuck on gifts for Grandma? She’d surely appreciate a personalised jigsaw puzzle, featuring her name amongst amazing scenery… a poem written by you, surrounded by photos… a delicious chocolate bar, personalised with her name…

Adding unusual bits and pieces to your wedding reception catering really makes a difference and doesn’t have to be expensive. How about an Ice cream van hire in Swindon Wiltshire for dessert? Or bacon sandwiches at midnight? Foody favours can be lovely touches too – initialled chocolates or his and hers gingerbread men for example.

Becky’s mates weren’t quite as mellow. “What the hell are you doing?” they said as the crowd dispersed and the Leader and Gator disappeared with their mates into the nearest pub to spend the rest of the day together.

Concentrate – keeping your mind on the job is a major component of good driving. As the statistics demonstrate, failure to pay attention causes a large proportion of accidents so try to ignore the billboards and grit your teeth through the James Blunt song on the radio. Good driving is focused and attentive.

Now we’re up and running and we can take Mrs H along her exciting and emotional journey to a breathtaking and satisfying conclusion. Start with any WWWWH question and work through one stage at a time until you’ve got a result that could be a goer. If the first word in your list doesn’t go anywhere, try the next and so on.

While at the store, I couldn’t help but notice other ice cream products from the Big Event brand; all of them cheaper than most of the other brands in the freezer section. After trying these, I definitely will be trying other Big Event products in the future.