Die Fledermaus: Libretto (G. Schirmer’s Collection of Opera Librettos) [Johann Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). English . Like Die lustige Witwe, Die Fledermaus had a libretto based on a French comedy by Henri Meilhac, this time written in conjunction with his. Sheet Music – £ – The libretto to this famous Strauss operetta is presented in paperback format and is clearly laid out with the usual scene and stage.

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Chorus, Oh, what a night, etc.

Many favourite pages of Die Fledermaus were missing. In the trap I have not caught her, Please give it me. You have g-iven me proof enoug-h, and in return, I may as well tell you that I have come here to serve my eight days’ sentence, and my name is Eisenstein.

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Brother, mine is wrong also. Marquis Renaud will be your name ; Nobody then will recognise vou. My millions are my curse. Fledermaks amuse him and cheer him up.

Just forget All the things you cannot get. There’ll be no merry meeting. Very well then, I go. To whom, to whom? Let us be friends. To end this altercation Is my firm determination, So retire with g-reat precipitation.


Just observe how hard he tries Not to close his sleepy eyes. Please wait a minute here, sir. How do you like the Russian? Besides which, he won’t come, because he has to go to prison. Best joke I ever have seen. Well, as well as can be flledermaus.

DIE FLEDERMAUS Comic Operetta in 3 acts | Operetta Research Center

Anything- that is good and expensive. Adele’s laughing song, Mein Herr Marquis My lord marquis in which she rejects Eisenstein’s suggestion and her true identity, and her delightful display of varied acting ability, Spiel’ich die Unschuld I play the innocent to Frank are often heard.

Prince Orlofsky pretends he is married and a father to win financial favours from an elderly uncle. If I could only find a soothing draught!

Strauss II, Johann (Jr) – Die Fledermaus (Libretto)

Enraged, Eisenstein takes Dr. Under the circumstances he naturally assumes that Alfred is his man. I’m flesermaus Go — 34 Both. My humble duty to you, fairest lady. A Marchioness from France behold. Take them to I always think it ridiculous when men embrace in the presence of ladies.


What is to be done with the calf’s head?

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He shouts and raves and can’t keep cool. Fledermaus, Die The Bat. What a curious — ha, ha, ha — Situation — ha, ha, ha! My tea I will not sweeten, I’ll drench my handkerchief; My roll will be uneaten. I am sure he thinks me faithless, perhaps thinks that I love another, and after all, I have only married Iiisenstein.

I congratulate you heartily on getting rid of your lbiretto for eight days. In order not to compromise Rosalinde, Alfred agrees to pretend to be Eisenstein and to accompany Frank. I fidget with my apron’s hem.

This is kind of you! Why are you staggering? Only a tenor could have such cheek, and only a man with plenty of cheek could sing tenor like that. Well, have you any talent?