speed specifications. Japan Servo provides a practical and economic choice as drive actuators. Strict quality control ensure reliable perfor- mance as well as. This DC-Micromotor will be a good first choice to test in this application. .. fit the specifications in the application. FAULHABER .. Very robust construction. DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. This selection guide is designed to help with this process. Shaft speed specs generally refer to the no-load speed, which is the maximum speed Design Tip: DC micromotors generally operate at % of their stall torque (the torque at.

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Your local contact Contact form Media Questions about your drive? In the case of a biopsy, the results can determine the difference between benign and malignant cells, and for cancer treatment, early detection is critical.

Read frequently asked questions. Tour the industries, systems and devices that depend on high-performance miniature motion from Portescap.

Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller (No Manual)

See how Portescap uses the concept of Continuous Improvement to serve you better. With our online shop, you can get any machine to run. The electronically commutated maxon EC motors stand out with excellent torque characteristics, high power, an extremely wide speed range, and an outstandingly long life span.

Useful parts complete maxon’s full range of drive technology products. Power Hand Tools Powered Screwdrivers. The specifictions requires adjustement to the motors and may only be done in the delivery plant.

The DCX 12 is available as a small drive with preloaded ball bearings or sintered bearings. Views View View source History User contributions. As is the case with all DCX motors, the mechanical and electrical interfaces can be configured. The DCX 19 is a true configuration miracle.


Gears When performance is required at high guied levels and correspondingly low speeds, maxon precision gearheads are in their element. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Respiratory and Ventilation Devices Ultrasound Transducers.

Microdrives by maxon are designed to master demanding automation applications.

Sensors Robust encoders, DC tachometers, and resolvers with high accuracy and high signal resolution. Complete solutions from a single source — online and anytime. The DCX 10 is available as a small drive with preloaded ball bearings or sintered bearings.

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By using spdcifications robotic diagnostic medical application solutions, doctors can spend http: Version information The old version of the Pololu micro dual serial motor controller, partis fully compatible with the new version shown on this page.

The optional spark suppression CLL makes this DC motor with precious metal brushes a real long-distance runner. Business areas maxon ceramic maxon medical. Find miniature motion technologies to suit virtually any configuration, environment and envelope. The modular design provides the basis for a customer-specific solution. The low costs of the flat brushless DC specificatinos makes them well suited for applications in the automotive industry.

Let’s examine the difference between a manual biopsy and how robotic medical application solutions utilizing DC micromotors can streamline that process. The efficiency of maxon DC motors reduces power consumption so that batteries last longer.

Portescap is a leading manufacturer of miniature motors for performance-critical applications. Their compact design and high performance make them attractive for consumer applications. The overall sampling device has to conform to a strict set of specifications.

Product Catalogue

The DC-max 26 is a small drive micromotr strong RE magnets, the latest winding technology, and a cost-optimized design, and is made using automated manufacturing processes. Join the Portescap team. Robotic biopsies are able to operate on a highly precise scale due to advanced DC gearmotors that can provide high torque at a low speed and operate with a higher resolution than a doctor can achieve by hand. Search Category Show all search results.


Control two 1-Amp motors Control one 2-Amp motor New version only. To identify which version of the motor controller you own, check the label on specififations back of your module: To identify which version of the motor controller you own, check the label on the back of your module:.

Preloaded ball bearings or sintered bearings, graphite or precious metal brushes, with CLL etc. Join the wiki’s discord server here! Portescap mini motors deliver high efficiency and low power consumption in a compact package. Our innovative dpecifications technologies includes sterilizable brushless DC slotted motors for surgical power tools, brushless slotless mini motors, brush DC mini motors, can stack motors, disc magnet motors and stepper linear actuators.

Stay abreast of the latest at Portescap – press releases, articles, product introductions and much more. Shop Blog Forum Support. The DCX 26 is a powerhouse. This product has been replaced by the next-generation Qik 2s9v1 Dual Serial Motor Controllerwhich is better than the micro dual serial motor controller in most respects.

Game content and materials are trademarks and dpecifications of their respective publisher and its specificaions.

DC motors and drive systems by maxon motor

They provide all these features yet maintaining high power density and efficiency levels. Brakes may only be assembled with motors in the delivery plant. More about our online specificatiosn. The old version of the Pololu micro dual serial motor controller, partis fully compatible with the new version shown on this page.

Manual biopsies typically require about 10 CT scans, automated robotic medical application solutions only require 4.