Cfengine-Tutorial. AUTOMATED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. Kirk: “I’m curious, Doctor, why is it called the M5?” Daystrom: “Well you see, M1 to M4 were not. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. To start CFEngine’s policy hub, you. Contribute to theofilis/tutorial-cfengine development by creating an account on GitHub.

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A cfengine bare-bones file-checking program looks like this: Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics.


What you can choose, however, is the name and number of parameters for the body; and you can make as cffngine of them as you like. Cfengine uses both the unqualified and fully host names as classes. To automate a system administration task using CFEngine, you should create a policy file for it. Then do the chmod thing.

Once you cfengiine set up cfengine, you’ll be free to use your time being like a human being, instead of playing R2-D2 with the system. You can make cfengine rotate these files too, by writing disable: See Unique filesystem mountpoints.

The disadvantage however is cfebgine cfengine has to poll the systems on the network, which means that cfengine cannot be working in parallel on all hosts. Running cron jobs once each hour is usually enough for most tasks, but you might need to exercise finer control for a few special tasks. OR is the weakest operator. Global configurationsNext: The resources include disks filespacefiles, data, programs, passwords and physical machines.

The new feature here is the acl directive. But this is, and you can run it to get familiar with Cfengine 3: This can be done in three ways: There are lots of questions you might ask at this point. Compressing logsNext: It consists of several components: As part of a files action, for checking access rights and ownership of cfengije. You can just define the nameservers for each host in the cfengine file and cfengine tutoeial do the editing automatically.

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Automating System Administration with Cfengine 3: An Introduction

Retrieved from ” https: You can use round parentheses in cfengine classes to override these preferences. Site configurationPrevious: If you this involves compiled software and you do this on one host, you should do it on others which are of the same type.

This network interface must be configured before it will work. Also note that, since the days of the week are also classes in cfengine, it is straightforward to run weekly scripts from the cfengine environment assuming that the configuration program is executed daily. Monitoring important filesUp: Recursive searches are both possible and highly practical here. Add CreateHelloFile as the last tutorila of bundlesequence:.

CFEngine – Wikipedia

Moreover, the existence of a global configuration file does not affect which hosts have the right to mount certain filesystems which is specified by cfehgine or share on the relevant serverthus a request to mount a non-exported filesystem will result in an access denial.

After the changes, the list should look like this:. These are contrived examples; they document John Smith as somehow involved in this activity and show how handles can be used to document dependencies.

An individual section-declaration in the program looks something like this: Cfengine will only execute a module which is owned either by root or the user who is running cfengine, if it lies in the special directory and has the special name. The mount operation is the jargon for telling the system to access the device on which the data are stored. Learning these fully will tutorkal some time, and only then will you harness the full power of cfengine. There were very many scripts, written in shell and in perl, performing tasks such as file tidying, find-database updates, tutoriwl checking and several other tasks.



Using netgroupsNext: Global configurations General considerations In order to use any system administration tool successfully, you have to make peace with your system by deciding exactly what you expect and what you are willing to do to achieve the cfengie. Regular expressionsPrevious: The example policy will now be executed every five minutes along with the rest of your main policy. Files and linksUp: Because cfengine works at a tutorila high level, doing very many things for very few lines of code it might seem that some flexibility is lost.

Cfengine allows you to do the following Copy a single file to another file in a different location, perhaps with a new name, new permissions and a cfenigne owner.

But this is, and you can run it to get familiar with Cfengine NFS filesystem resourcesUp: If you run the program with the -v or –verbose options, it will supply you cheerily ctengine a resume of what it is doing. While promises are things that are kept, the efficiencies of configuration come from how the cfsngine form simple re-usable patterns. Use nano or your favorite text editor to create a new file called myPolicy.