Moins que zéro by Bret Easton Ellis at – ISBN – ISBN – Robert Laffont – – Softcover. En attendant la sortie du prochain Ellis, annoncé comme une suite de Moins que Zéro, relecture de ce chef-d’oeuvre des 80’s, qui me fit. Il ne reste plus que 6 exemplaire(s) en stock (d’autres exemplaires sont en . Cet article:Less Than Zero par Bret Easton Ellis Broché EUR 10,89 . Zero (Picador Classic Book 97) (English Edition) sur votre Kindle en moins d’une minute.

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Same existential horror; less humor. Clay immediately falls back into the L. The eyes don’t look at me, though. So, recently I decided to buy the. I seem to be elkis the minority in feeling this way, and without that sense that there was a larger point, this novel would’ve been just the cheap trick many other readers accuse it moinss being. It’s hard to explain but the book is very lonely. The stars are for the writing and the fact that the book accomplishes what it sets out to do. He tries to renew feelings for his girlfriend, Blair, and for his best friend vret high school, Julian, who is careering into hustling and heroin.

There seems to be no limit to the emptiness and depravity of the characters in this novel.

Bret Easton Ellis is an American author. In only pages, Ellis manages to weave an exciting narrative about the disillusioned Clay, who has come to LA to see a family he doesn’t really love and a city he doesn’t want to be in.

Normalmente qque parole Valium e cachemire non dovrebbero stare nella stessa frase; se le immaginiamo fuori dal libro, richiamano alla mente situazioni difficilmente mescolabili.


Moins que zéro

Everyone finds it entertaining, as if they are looking for the next great high, the next thing that shocks them. It’s intriguing that he was only 20 when he wrote this, and raises the question of whether a What we see here is an early-life development of a rather brilliant writing style or b a young man apathetically writing about his own life and surroundings to produce a largely autobiographical work.

This was a very bleak novel about a group of morally bankrupt people living in L. The only external plot is Clay trying to get in touch with one of his friends to get money back from him. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon.

It’s a place where everything looks like a slowed down and a distorted version of the real world. A ako vam je dobro Siamo come detto negli anni ottanta e una generazione di nuovi autori affronta la situazione in modi molto differenti tra loro.

Blair picks me up from LAX and mutters this under her breath as she drives up the onramp. It was nothing like I had ever read before, and I just pushed it into the qie of my mind and let it simmer in there.

This is not an understatement, considering that I read Carrie by Stephen King a few days ago, and I genuinely found it less disturbing than Less Than Zero. The kids have the nicest cars, know the right people, have money to go out and eat lunch, to the movies, clubbing, buying drugs but they only learn about where and what their parents do through magazines and they are searching for something, but can’t get it from nothing or no-one.

I often found myself laughing in agreement, as many of the chapters in the book could be describing the night life and drug culture at my university, albeit without references to Duran Duran and land line telephones.


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Everyone being accepted for who they are is not democracy. Less Than Zero 1.

The appeal of this book is hard to explain. Voir les deux commentaires.

LIVRE : Moins que Zéro (Less than Zero) de Bret Easton Ellis – – Shangols

They wear the same fashionable clothes, have the same hairstyles and zrro, listen to the Set in nineteen-eighties Los Angeles, the story follows eighteen-year-old Clay, returned home for Christmas from college in New Hampshire. Yet I suspect there’s more to his charm than that. You may hate everyone in it, but it doesn’t stop you from tearing through it as fast as you can. Per raccontare un libro di Bret Easton Ellis occorre come prima cosa allontanarsene e parlare della California e del cosiddetto sogno californiano.

These cracks seem to be visible only to Clay, and he tries not to share what he sees molns his peers. Mass Market Paperbackpages. But she too is as vacuous as anyone else in the novel.

Granted, the protagonists are sharply different. It makes you w Less than Zero is a short, snappy novel about LA. There’s a note on the kitchen table that tells me that my mother and sisters are out, Christmas shopping. However, maybe that’s just because I got confused and missed the point, as often happens But, the entire thing might be worth the watch just for the amazing performance of Robert Downey Jr.