Big Mind Theory, Part 1 Of 3

P21: I would have liked to draw you a four dimensional picture. However, government cuts have meant that Cambridge university can afford only two dimensional screens.

Thomas’ solution in concert with many others is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Reject God, the Church and religion altogether because-if we know anything at all about the world, we know that evil exists. This looks reasonable on the surface!

After I exit my back door I look up and scan, as I always do, and my eyes are instantly attracted to a large human aircraft in the western sky traveling northeast, maybe at an altitude of several thousand feet high. There is Selfridge Air National Guard Base about 6-10 miles north/northeast of my house. And I have observed several types of aircraft in both the day and night coming and going in my 7 months of living in this community of St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

Not saying I am professionally trained or anything but once again I have been obsessive over the sky since I was a child and I have learned a great deal about my favorite sciences astronomy and space news and my love for aerospace has taught me how to track with my eyes where a moving object is going and were it should be in the sky after a few seconds have elapsed, if it is man made.

Well, of course, that’s not how it happens. With a combination of guile and guts, Sir Roger and his motley crew manage to conquer the galaxy. It’s an outrageous scenario that crosses the line of insanity, but Anderson makes it work.

To effectively apply the Law of Attraction – the teaching of the movie ‘The Secret’, you need to have a strong reference point in your experience. this triggers your repeated ability to align with who you really are – with the vibrational Source of life itself.

How can you blend into the universe? Make yourself some tea. While you are making tea, the herbs infuse themselves into the water. When you drink it, you experience a bit of joy. When you place yourself into the fiery energy of your belly, you are infusing yourself with the multi-dimensional universe. When you get especially good at it, you experience Nirvana. This is meditation, relax and let it happen.