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In this book he presents some compelling arguments about the fact that often what we think of advantage, can actually be a disadvantage and vice-versa. I really appreciate reading this book as it has given me plenty of insight into the mysterious ways our brains function. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. ahomowy

People tend to forget that Communism is easily the most deadly form of oppression that has ever existed, just because at its height it existed alongside Hitler’s Nazi movement. Basically it’s sort of a guide to what scientists call the tipping point phenomenon. Anyways, now was the time to get down and dirty, and read something about the 70s and 80s in Poland, and martial law implemented by Gen.

Now this is something that I just finished reading recently. Next is a book about the Internet Revolution. It touches down on a few key ideas behind what it takes to make something take off, or “tip”.

Some of the ideas explained in this book are just otherworldly interesting and totally relevant for any technogeek like myself. I came about it from reading Flash Boys see above.

Nielsen Book Data Publisher’s Summary During the late s the newly created CIA, in a loose alliance with anti-communist intellectuals and trade unionists, launched a massive, clandestine effort to win the Cold War allegiance of the European left. Atomowy Szpieg is a book about a different character from that era, Col. Some of you might know it as Mozilla these days. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Regardless, great reading, and also a bit of a brain stretcher as there are some great everyday examples of games that you can play with yourself and friends to see how biased we are.


Imprint London ; Portland, OR: It’s a little weird one, as it really just recounts the life and work of the two great social scientists.

Physical description xvi, p.

Reading | archi-lab

X Mantis Shrimp Portfolio Reading. I have basically been reading John Grisham since I was a teenager living in Poland.

Damn, I never thought that I am not really in a driver’s seat when it comes to decision making. There is zero justification or sugar coating of the insane ideology that Communism was. This was a book recommended to me by szpie friend of mine from Sydney – Alessandra Fabbri.

More than that book though I just loved the research and ideas that they were exploring. I know it looks a little heavy if you just read the cover, but it’s actually a pretty well written story.

Ostateczna Nagroda

I am not sure what it is about his writing, but I am totally captivated but all of his books. Kuklinski was, it would be a good idea to read this book, as it’s a great and quite honest take on his life and career.

Netscape was the typical Internet Boom child, but also later a great example of Open Source initiative. The results of this secret intervention were complex and far-reaching. I especially like the story of Vivek Ranadive, the now Sacramento Kings owner, and his coaching technique that took everyone by surprise.

CIA support for such ventures as the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its London-based magazine, “Encounter”, subtly transformed the political culture of the British left, making it more Atlanticist and less socialist. I loved every moment of this book. I am pretty sure no one cares what I am reading these days, but then again I started blogging some 8 years ago knowing that no one would care so I am used to it.


Browse related items Start at call number: This is one of those books that just dawns on you. This one Saturday afternoon we were sitting in a Polish restaurant yes!

Series Cass series–studies in intelligence. Anyways, long story short, I haven’t read his books for a few years, and picked this up to give myself a break from my typical reading list. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview.

It’s quite a controversial book, but one that should be read only if to get the full picture of the tragedy that transpired during WWII. It’s not only a great read, but it was an educational one too.

I was quite pleasantly surprised, and really pleased having finished the book. Only after reading this book, do I know exactly what roles these two men played.

This is a short book, and tells the story of a few people, young atomwoy old, and how Internet has changed their lives, or in some cases how they changed the lives of millions through internet. Since then I have been an avid reader of his books.