Editorial Reviews. Review. A provocative, clever and radiant line of theology, Sanghi suggests Written by Ashwin Sanghi, a thriller fiction writer, this book showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and lived. Even I read it because of all the hype but to be frank I didn’t like it so much. Of course I can’t deny that the author has put a lot of efforts in writing it by compiling . So, when looking for the next book to read I, as a supporter of Indian authors, dutifully picked out Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Rozabal Line’.

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Book Review: ‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi

Curiously, Egypt would soon become home to a set of monks with a name that was suspiciously similar–they would be known as the Therapeutae. In this weakened state, his arms would have been fastened by thongs or nails to a solid wooden beam placed across his shoulders and neck.

I work next door at the Spiritualist Association. First came the techniques of killing–suffocation, strangulation, drowning, garrotting, poisoning, explosion, shooting, stabbing, castration and ritual disembowelment. Videos About This Book.

Yes, Swakilki was sanghl a survivor–born without a father, and alive without a mother. I wouldn’t have qualms about such a structure of the story line if it worked for me as a reader.

An American priest has disturbing visions of people familiar to him, except that they seem to exist in other ages. Takuya was closely linked to Aum Shinrikyo, a lethal religious cult. Come on dude, Its like everybody in the story know each other To ask other readers questions about The Rozabal Lineplease sign up.


She had promised to find it before his arrival that morning. At some places the book is very confusing, as there are too many characters involved.

The Rozabal Line

It was also more commonly used to describe one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques, which had been rediscovered by the Buddha. Recommended for fans eanghi Indian popular fiction. Her dark black hair had just a hint of auburn and cascaded down all the way to the curve of her hips. The final product was sexy, seductive, sultry, silent, and sharp. Settle back in your chair and begin to relax.

I have a secret weapon,’ said the Sheikh in his usual hushed voice.

The Rozabal Line | Ashwin Sanghi | Book Review

Sanghi has a gift of creating compelling plots and characters by putting together information and topics which have no co-relation to each other. Ashwin Sanghi—entrepreneur by day, novelist by night—has all the usual qualifications of an Indian businessman.


We tend to forget that he was unsuccessful in many of his pursuits. In any case, I can’t afford it; I’m a priest, remember? The initiate would then ashsin asked whether the skeleton was that of a king, nobleman or beggar.

Ashwin Sanghi has taken up the creative liberty of using The Rozabal Line, an Indian version of Da Vinci Code, starts very well and binds the reader for the first couple of chapters. Rashid-bin-Isar was going to be buried in the clothes he had died in.


ROZABAL LINE, THE – ASHWIN SANGHI Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

I lost count of the time zones, religions and characters you were trying to decipher However, I was yet to realize about an intimate relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ that produced a whole lineage of descendants spread to some parts of the world. I don’t mind if such pseudo-sciences are contained in a story, just like they are practised by some people in the real world.

The twists in the story regarding Illuminati and the fight for power between Illuminati and the Church and the final triumph of the sacred feminine, though it’s all very interesting, sadly, all of this takes place within just a span of pages at the end of the book! I was at the library and saw this one Sanghj recently heard about the hype about the authors other books, I decided to try it.

The book is so fast paced that i completed it in one sitting. And then of course, he is compared to Dan Brown His Eminence began ‘Ohaya gozaimasu. Oct 18, Shruti Renjit rated it really liked it.

This book will take reader in different eras and different continents. Phil in political theory, comparative government and international relations. A Japanese woman had been visiting all the tourist spots, including Asuncion, for a week around the same time.