Our SongwriterUniverse Music Store contains music industry directories such as the A&R Registry, Pollstar Record Company Directory, Film & TV Music Guide. MUSIC BUSINESS REGISTRY LLC SUNSET BLVD., #, LOS ANGELES, CA articles for The A&R Registry and Film Music Magazine. For every one of you out there who’s ever had the dream of landing the next Faith Hill single or hearing a snippet of your song on the WB’s hippest new show.

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For anyone who wants to pitch their songs to a publisher, or to contact them for any other reason, this is the ideal directory. It is in electronic.

A&R Registry — 1 pdf issue

And those are just some of the Music Industry personnel changes we’re tracking and have listed in this new issue. And here’s our quote for the day that we keep reading over and over! Black Boxa new artist development company, has announced plans to officially launch next year.

Here is a description of each of the Pollstar books: Listings include web, e-mail and physical address, as well as phone and fax numbers. This is a highly useful book to pitch your songs for film, TV, trailers, commercials and video games.

Music Store

Description This directory lists every major concert promoter, nightclub, small venue, college, casino, festival, fair and theme park that books touring artists. Each listing includes the name of the music blog, website address, contacts, email, full description including what style of music the blog focuses on, location, as well as their Twitter contact info.


We are thrilled to announce the release of the brand-new 4th Edition of the Music Blog Registry. Concert Venue Directory Price: We are sad to report that we have lost two industry executives recently. The Indie Bible Price: In addition, this directory includes all Legal and Business Affairs personnel at all of the record labels, music publishers, film studios and television network music departments.

You’ll find thousands of coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and book stores – any place you can land a gig! This guide is indispensable to anyone accessing the complex recording industry.

Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Importantly, the Music Publishers Registry is now updated constantly with changes being made weekly, so the directory would be very fresh and current when you purchase it.

The Music Business Registry

We have just opened up some advertising space for the new issue so if you are interested in reaching this incredible market and expose your company, service or artist to over 10, active Motion Picture, Television and Video Game Music professionals, please be sure to contact Ritch right away by email at ritch musicregistry.

A few have moved into new offices and several new publishers have been added to this a&. Director of Brand Partnerships.

Click Here To Order and follow the instructions. Booking Agency Directory Price: You can search all of our exhaustive music industry databases for just the contacts you need — there’s even an option for you to export and download the contacts right to your computer to use in your own database programs for marketing. This directory is available as a PDF download, in print or as a database file you must call our office for database orders. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to their families, friends and colleagues they leave behind.


Talent Buyer Directory Price: It has been an active Fall in the music industry world on several fronts. This is an important book to have if you perform live or tour. North CentralU. Description This directory lists all music business attorneys including the services they providetheir assistant’s names, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and websites. To order your copy of the Music Publisher Registry call our offices at or Los Angeles or or East Coast.

Again, you can order online at www. Whether you are a Label, Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Attorney, Songwriter, Artist, Band or Composer in today’s changing business climate, you know the value of placing your music into film, television and video games.

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