Posts about Sinhala Tipitaka written by Ranjith. Tag Archives: Sinhala Tipitaka Anguttara Nikaya අංගුත්තර නිකාය. Anguttara Nikaya Part 1 · Anguttara. 1, Pali, English, Sinhala. 2, Pali, English, Sinhala. 3, Pali, English, Sinhala. 4, Pali , English, Sinhala. 5, Pali, English, Sinhala. 6, Pali, English, Sinhala. Anguttara Nikaya. Anguttara Nikaya 1 · Anguttara Nikaya 2 Teaching is available in English and Sinhala from the resident teachers. There is a good.

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Send us nikayx email to get more information. He states this three times but Ananda does not take the hint to ask him to do so.

A good sutta to break up the ridgid understanding of the four jhanas and satipatthana practice. Started inand offers Vipassana instruction. The Buddha teaches Ujjaya four things that are advantageous and make for happiness here, and four things that are advantageous and lead to happiness hereafter.

Aṅguttara Nikāya

However, this wonderful work was done by one great buddhist friend Mr. Page loads from 30th November Bodhi and ATI Bhk. The venerableIV.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The Releases, Olds, translation WP: Instruction is available in Sinhala and English. Applies just as well to anyone interested in awakening. The Great Chapter, Getting something from that is up to you.


Translated into simple sinhalese language by Ven.

Anuruddha Suttraya – Prathama Pannasakaya, Anguttara Nikaya

The same bIV. A sutta describing the bountiful harvest of good consquences following from trust in the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and the ethical standards of the Aristocrats. Vinaya Mahavagga Pali 1 There is also in this sutta the strange statement by the General that he would not kill a living being even for his life’s sake. Rebirth on Account of Giving, Sakka then repeats to him the entire episode of it’s original utterance by Gotama in AN 8. The Buddha gives eight ways in which excitable bhikkhus react like excitable horses when reproved.

Meditators stay from one night to several years, and the centre can help long term meditators with visa extensions.

sutta pitaka sinhala | dhammapress

Yasa Sutta], Honor, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans. The centre is easily reached by bus from Kandy. Eight habitual ways people give, or eight grounds for giving.

It is recommended that meditators undergo an initial training period of 3 weeks at the centre.

Aṅguttara Nikāya Index

At this statement there is a world-shaking earthquake. Anguttara Nikaya Part 3. Khuddka Patha kuddakapata pali, Dhammapada pali, Udanapata pali, Ithivuththaka pali. In addition to rooms within the centre several individual retreat kutis huts are available on the edge of the Udawattakelle forest reserve. Wild Colts, The fate of Devadatta is given as an example of how badly things can go wrong if one is neglegant in regard to these things. Loving Kindness, 2: The 8 special rules that were to be accepted before this was to be allowed, and Gotama’s statements concerning the effect on the lifespan of the True Dhamma that would be the result.

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The destruction of Passion c IV. Eight Persons 1 Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. The achievements anvuttara, IV. Our history books record the idea of the earth being on water as ancient ignorant myth. Siha, the General, IV.

Upon being told such he expresses concern as to whether laymen were present when it was said. Faith 2 Every Saturday from 8: Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Vinaya Pachittiya Pali Bhikkhuni vibhanga. Un-Ariyan practicesIV. The exhaustion of Passion a IV.