The sequential version of ABINIT: abinis Other programs in the ABINIT package. Input variables to abinit Output files. Enter the k points manually nkpt 1. # Only one k point is needed for isolated system,. # taken by default to be #Definition of the SCF. Abinit Band Structure Maker MANUAL version written by Benjamin Tardif @ questions, bug report and suggestions are welcome.

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To include comments it is recommended that they be placed to the right of the comment characters or! The difficulty I refer to is simply the lack of a very systematic method for generating k—point grids for tests. The total energy, in the relaxed case, is: Then, you can make the run. Gives the number of data sets to be treated. The database key contains multiple informations regarding the system geometry and convergence criteria used to calculate energy eigenvalues of each k-point.

You will also be asked to enter the xmgrace launch command, which is the command you usually write in your shell to launch xmgrace default is xmgrace.

The number of plane waves used for the wavefunctions in the computation of the screening is mentioned in the fragments abinkt output: If you decide to use this file, do not forget to change the file names in t1x.

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That is, given the k—point normalization kptnrm described below, each component must lie in [—kptnrm, kptnrm].

ABINIT The user’s manual – Université catholique de Louvain |

For the purpose of the present tutorial, one should read the section II. Moreover, mxnual that Kohn—Sham eigenenergies are formally NOT connected to experimental excitation energies! At 12 12 12, the difference is. The values 1, 2, 3 and 7 should give about kanual same results, since they all start from the XC energy of the homogeneous electron gas, as determined by Quantum Monte Carlo calculations.

It can happen that the highest or two highest band sif not separated by a gap from non— treated bands, can exhibit a very slow convergence rate. We will consider 4 and abjnit aluminum layers. For that particular value of tsmear, one can use the second k—point grid, giving acell The absolute value of kptopt gives the number of segments of the band structure.

B 54, Lessons 1—4 cover basics, other lectures are more specialized.

Even the dataset 2 gives an accuracy of about 0. Well, maybe not immediately Response—function calculation of the effect of an homogeneous electric field Response—function calculation of phonon frequencies at non—zero q. Note that this diagonalization is performed in a routine outkss.

For that purpose, the multi—dataset mode has been implemented. It might be used for other operating systems, but the commands have to be adapted. This tsmear being the lowest one, it is usually the most difficult to converge, and the values acell31,32,33 and 34 are indeed well—converged with respect to the k—point number. If this ratio is 2 or larger then e. The maximal length of names for the main input or output files is presently characters.


It allows to deduce charge density in selected planes for isodensity plotsalong selected lines, or at selected points. The experimental value at 25 degree Celsius is 4. Even for a similar accuracy of the Brillouin zone integration about the same value of kptrlenit might be easy to generate a grid that will fold to 10 k in the irreducible Brillouin zone, as well as one that will fold to 2 k—points in mmanual irreducible Brillouin zone.

For the 3 aluminum layer case, one has the non—relaxed total energy: When the primitive vectors of the lattice form a FCC lattice, with rprim 0.

ABINIT. New user guide

In both cases, the stop is not immediate. The quasi—particle band structure of Silicon, in the GW approximation.

The full list of input variables, all of which are provided in the single input file, is given in the ABINIT input variables file.