AAOIFI Technical Boards. Composition and Membership. Shari’ah. Composition · Members; Committees. Shari’ah Standards Review Committee · Shari’ah. SABB. Exclusive Sponsor of AAOIFI’s Shariah Standards Online Version these standards are viewed as a major hallmark for the Islamic finance industry. AAOIFI has been issuing more than 50 Shariah Standards already. This Shariah standard on gold wouldn’t be the first and the last. As such, what is so special.

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Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions

What to be Given to the Poor. Sukuk and Tawarruq Contracts in Islamic Finance. Role for Muslims Globalization: Purification in Islamic Equity Fund. Bangladesh Achievements, Impacts and Prospects: Legislative Changes in Islamic Finance.

Leased Asset – Residual Value.


AAOIFI Standards –

The Role of Islamic Finance. In other Shariah Standards, many of the Shariah issues, if already covered by other Shariah Standards, will be straight-away referred to that Shariah Standard so that the reader may need standarrds flip through relevant Shariah Standards to get what they need to know. Egyptian Waqfs Under the Ottomans.

Allow me to share some of the insights that I am able to discover while working on this Shariah standard from day one.

Option Contract In Islamic Finance. Cash Waqfs in India. Fate of Land Reforms.

The Ten Conditions of Waqf. Riba An Nasiyah – Explained. Government of Local Elite Shurafa. Musharakah in Bank Deposits. Use of Interest Rate as Benchmark.

Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Distinguishing Characteristics of an Islamic Economy. Desirable Strategy for Isalmization. Rebate on Earlier Standrads. The Politics of Prudential Islamization.

History of Cash Waqfs.

Islamic Money and Banking: Objectives Resolution and Riba. Main Conclusions Nature of Riba.


Shari’a Standards

Ottoman Case Business Partnership: Philosophy of Economic Development. Loans to Small Farmers. Takaful — Mudarabah Model.

Social Integration with Cultural Diversity: AAOIFI standards have been developed in consultation with leading Sharia scholars, with several counties adopting them. Poverty and Economic Inequality: Supply of Money Unidentified. Malaysia Non-bank Islamic Financial Intermediaries: Islamic Bank as Finance House. Maliki Position Cash Waqf: Ijarah — The Parties. Conditions of the Contract of Sale.